Prediction submission

For all the CAGI 2010 datasets, the prediction submission form is a simple text file that will be submitted through an online system. The organizers provide a file template, which should be used for submission. In addition, your submission should include a detailed description of the method used to make the predictions. This information will be submitted as a separate file.

UPDATES. In response to late-breaking requests from predictors, we have made alterations to the submission policies. These modifications are intended to allow a larger number of predictors to run these datasets through their analysis methods, so as to allow both a broader experiment this year and to provide feedback on the CAGI process for future instances. We strongly encourage predictors to at least run the data through their pipelines in a cursory/automated format to be able to contribute their experiences (and then notate in your methods that this may not be your "optimal" analysis).

The submission deadline is 17 Nov 2010. Update: In response to requests, and reflecting the very short timeframe, we will accept late submissions after the deadline, for another two weeks until Dec 1. However, in fairness to those who submitted predictions on time, these will be considered distinctly. We cannot guarantee that late submission will be fully assessed or compared with other datasets.
Update:Submission deadline only for riskSNPs dataset is extended untill November 21st. We will not deny further submissions after the deadline, but might not be have enough time to review and analyze any results submitted after the deadline.

We encourage submissions where the prediction output of an algorithm is transformed into the measured characteristics of each CAGI dataset. Update: In response to requests, we will accept submissions with only the raw output data of the prediction algorithm. Thus, e.g., for the CBS dataset rather than predicting numeric values for enzyme activity / growth rate, it is possible to just submit "pathogenic" or "not-pathogenic" (or whatever output your program produces). However, these submissions may not be fully assessed or compared with other datasets.

Please go to the prediction submission form of each dataset to submit you predictions (to submit, you need to be logged into your account).

CHEK2 dataset submission form
CBS dataset submission form
p53 dataset submission form
PGP dataset submission form
RiskSNPs dataset submission form
Cancer cell lines dataset submission form